Real Housewives of the Oilfield

They say being an oilfield wife is not for the faint of heart and that is the TRUTH but there are a few misconceptions about being a roughneck’s wife.

I have been apart of the oil field life for almost a decade and I hate to say it doesn’t get easier.

My husband is a tool pusher and has been with the same company for almost 13 years. His schedule is pretty intense to say the least.

As a wife in this industry, I have heard all of the stereotypes and I’m here to set them straight myth buster style!

Myth #1: Oil field wife’s are spoiled.

Truth: Yes, the pay for oil field employees is great, however my husband is not my personal ATM. A true oil field wife sees her husband as a trust worthy, hard working provider. I have the utmost respect for how hard my husband works. The last thing I would do is run out and spoil myself with the money he has made for our family.

Besides, we have four children, a mortgage, a car payment, utilities… you know, BILLS! Going on lavish shopping sprees is not on my agenda nor is it on the agendas of my fellow oilfield wives.

Myth #2: The schedule is AMAZING! 2 weeks off!

Truth: The schedule can vary from 2 weeks on; 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on; 1 week off and even 4 weeks on; 2 weeks off. Yes, those days off are pretty wonderful but it is the days on that are difficult.

He has worked at least two weeks straight, averaging a 97 hour work week. Yes, 97 hours of hard work in one week. He has had to sleep in a hotel or man camp and hasn’t had a home cooked meal in two weeks. Rest is his priority so he can be a family man when he is home and is recovered and ready for his next hitch.

Then there are the things he misses in his two weeks he is working.



Special events.

He does get to come home for the day when our children have school functions or if his hitch is over Christmas. So, that means either two holidays or none at all.

And when he is away, that means managing the home is all on my shoulders. Taking care of the kids, the house, any emergencies is on me to handle. Even trying to talk to my husband on the phone to keep him updated is difficult. Sometimes he does have service for 14+ hours a day or when he does have service, he is working so I can’t get a hold of him till he is off location.

It can be very lonely during those days on which means that we make the most of what we can on his days off.

Myth #3: “Oil field trash with oil field cash.”

Truth: Not every person who works in the oilfield is “trash,” just like not every Christian is a good person. It boils down to a personal moral compass.

If you are respectful and kind, you will be that way no matter what profession you choose. People are surprised to hear my husband is in the oilfield because he is so respectful. There is a horrible misconception about men in the oilfield. That they are foul mouthed or rude which can’t be farther from the truth.

Your chosen career doesn’t define your character.

Being married to a roughneck is a blessing and a curse but I would not change my life for anything. I am thankful for my hard working husband and the sacrifices he makes for our family. Being apart of this industry is rewarding. We proudly support the oilfield because the oilfield supports us.

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