Dear Best Friend, I’m Sorry

Dear Best Friend,

I’m sorry I’m not the friend I once was. For so long it was you and me but then life happened.

You were there when I had my first heartbreak and I was there when you experienced your’s. We belted sad country songs, binge ate ice cream and drove every dirt road in the county. We laughed, we cried; we were there for each other.

You were there when I met the love of my life. You listened while I rambled on and on about this guy and how wonderful he was. You were genuinely happy for me that someone was treating me the way I deserved and loved me the way I should be loved.

I was there when you met the man of your dreams. I remember how excited I was that someone treated you right and saw the beauty of you. You finally had a smile on your face that I had not seen in so long.

You were there when I got married. You helped me button my wedding gown, do my makeup and held my hand before I walked down the aisle. You stood beside me beaming with joy that my wishes were coming true.

I was there when you got married. Nervous, happy, anxious and excited, every emotion of that day was felt together as you exchanged vows with a man who loved you as much as I did.

I was there when you became a mother. The pure magic of that day still gives me chills. And you were there when I became a mom too. We laughed, we cried and just like we have always been, we were there for each other.

Unfortunately, life makes it so difficult to be like we once were. Between family obligations, distance and everything else life throws at us, our friendship seems to take a back seat. However, I hope you know that the love we have for each other doesn’t.

I know that if I ever need anything, you’re there. When anything bad happens, you are there. When anything amazing happens, there you are! As am I because life changes but our friendship never will.

You are a sister to me. You are one of the few people who knows me as me. Not a mom or a wife but as that young woman with the world at her finger tips. You have been there through everything important in my life and you didn’t have to be.

We may not see each other as often as we would like and we may not talk everyday like we use to but we know we have each other’s backs.

We are best friends for life, through life, forever and always.

I know I don’t say it often enough but our friendship is something I cherish dearly. I honestly don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for you.

Please, don’t forget for a single minute that I love you so much and I think of you all the time. I’m so grateful for you.

You are apart of why I am who I am and I truly would be lost without you.



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