5 Free DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts He Will Love

In our house, we live on a budget. I mean, we just can’t “wing it” when it comes to our finances.

Unfortunately, we have not always had lots of money to spend towards every holiday and that includes Valentines Day. So, I have had to get creative when it comes to spoiling my man.

Here is my list of my hubby’s favorite DIY Valentines Day gifts I have given him through the years that didn’t cost a thing!

Boudoir Shoot

Last year, I did a DIY Boudoir Shoot with my cell phone. I looked on Pinterest for different poses to figure out flattering angles. I then picked out some of his and my favorite “outfits” to wear, set the timer on my phone and snapped photo after photo. Then I edited the photos using Lightroom CC and PicsArt. The photos came out very classy and were his favorite gift I have given him.

I sent them to him in texts throughout the day with reasons why I love and appreciate him.

If you have an iPhone with portrait mode, use it! The photos I took looked professional and he absolutely loved them. Not only did he love the photos, I felt really confident after.

Open Letters

In the early years of our marriage, I wrote 12 different letters to my husband. The letters I wrote him were to be read at different times. A few of the topics were “When You’re Missing Me”, “When You’re Mad at Me” and “When You’re Feeling Silly.”

I wrote the letters by hand to make them feel more personal and the letters were written to fit any situation so they were not specific but sweet reminders that I would want him to know in different moments that would arise.

My husband read those letters over and over and over. Over time, he has lost some but he still has quite a few of them. They were definitely a gift that he cherished so much though the years.

Candle Lit Dinner

There is something just magical about lighting some candles. Everyone has some candles lying around the house. The menu is up to you, I mean your family eats dinner every night, so the menu doesn’t have to change, just the atmosphere.

Wait to eat dinner together till after the kids go to bed, turn down the lights, put on some romantic music, light some candles and just be present with each other. Talk about your dreams, your goals or your love for each other. Just don’t bring up the housework, the kids, finances or work.

Make this dinner a time to reconnect on a deeper level with your spouse and remember what brought you two together in the first place. For my husband and I, some of our favorite conversations happened over a candle lit dinner for two in our home.

Netflix and Chill… REALLY

Remember when you and your spouse were dating and one of your “go-to” date nights was going to the movies? Remember holding each others hands during the whole movie and sharing a jumbo size popcorn? With kids, work and finances, it isn’t as easy to go out to the movies like it use to be but you can improvise.

Turn your living room into your own theater. Gather up all of the blankets and pillows you can and create a comfy place to watch a romantic movie and cuddle. Whether it is a movie you have never seen or a movie you have watched a hundred times, the key is to cuddle and embrace each other without it having to be anything other than enjoying eachother’s presence.

If you can, pop some popcorn, make your favorite drink and eat some yummy candy. If a romantic movie is not your or your spouse’s cup of tea, find a movie that you both will love and enjoy.

Bedroom Getaway

When a romantic getaway is not in the budget, bring the getaway to you.

Your bedroom is a sacred place that only you and your spouse share. Tidy up, light some candles, turn on some slow music and shut the world out. Don’t rush, don’t think about anything but your spouse and the love you two have for each other. Let what ever happens, happen.

The key is to take your time and do the one thing that only you two can do together… make love.

Too many times, people lose sight of why holidays were created to begin with. People get overwhelmed with the idea of it having to cost an arm and a leg to show appreciation for the people you love, when in reality, it doesn’t have to cost a thing. The key with any gift is to put thought into it.

What my husband and I have discovered after almost a decade together is that the GREATEST gift we have ever given each other is just that… each other.

Happy Valentines Day!

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