The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Direct Sales Company

I have been in the direct sales industry for 10 years now. I have been with numerous companies over my ten year journey and I have thrived and I have been unsuccessful at reaching my goals.

Direct sales has made me who I am. I am more confident, secure and I am the person I am because of this industry.

But it took the right company in order for me to reach my potential. That potential is still a daily work in progress, however with the right company to plant myself with, I know I will blossom.

I have found my home with my company but it was a journey that was filled with a lot of heartache, let downs and tears. See, I believed in the wrong companies for me. It wasn’t anything about the companies so much as it was that their values didn’t align with mine.

If there is one thing I have learned, God has put me through the things he has to educate and inspire others. So here is my helpful guide to discover if you are where you should be in your direct sales path.

1. Know Your Worth

You are worthy of your goals, your dreams and your work. The company you chose should have a compensation plan that aligns with your worth. Is your potential company’s sales compensation worthy of you? Is their leadership compensation worthy? Knowing what you bring to the table and what they are serving is the first step in deciding what company is right for you, your family and your goals.

2. Belief in the Reps

Now that you know your worth, how does your prospective company show you they do too? Do they offer unique training or is it the basic training that can be found everywhere? Do they offer specialized training in your specific field or would you have to train yourself through books, blogs and YouTube videos? If your potential company is not offering training on how to be successful in an age where social selling is done on social media, then they’re not the right place for you. It is a very obvious sign that they don’t care about your worth.

3. Time is Money

Time is very valuable to me. We all get the same 24 hours but I’m very particular how I spend those 24 hours.

My family is everything to me. As a stay at home mom, anything I do comes second to my family. I can’t spend my weekends away at vendor shows promoting my business because my weekends are sacred. I can’t spend all day long working my business because, hello… I have four kids and a husband who need me.

If you’re looking at a company and they are suggesting that you do vendor shows or host home party, after home party to grow your sales and sponsorship, you’re not in the right place. If you’re having to work your business or talk about your business ALL THE TIME in order to get a few sales, then that is not the place you should be. The right company will give you the tools so you can truly work your business from anywhere YOU want without it taking a ton of precious time away from your life.

4. The Products are EVERYTHING.

You must believe in the products you are going to sell or you won’t sell a single one. People buy from you because they trust you, but if you don’t trust the products you’re selling then how will your network?

When looking at products, what do the customer reviews look like? Are they consistently high quality or hit and miss? How does your company’s customer service handle returns, customer issues or product issues? These are all things to factor into your decision because these products will represent YOU just like you will represent them.

5. Start Off on the Right Foot

Let’s talk about the investment to begin your journey with your potential business. Is the starter kit reasonable or is it through the roof? Do you have to start off by selling parts of your kit in order to begin or is there a lot of unnecessary items?

Maybe it is the total opposite and the cost to join is so low that it makes you question “why”?

The starter kit should include tools for success. Do they offer samples? Does it include a variety of products to begin promoting the day it arrives or do you have to order more in order to start promoting the products and company?

How much you invest says a lot about how the company feels about you and your decision to invest in them. The starter kit is a sign of how your potential company invests in YOU!

6. Support is the Key to Success

I have been with companies where I was flying solo as far as how to run my business and let me tell you, it was awful! I crashed and burned.

I have also been with companies where the fellow reps were cut throat. Where the mentality was every man for themself. Some people thrive in that type of culture but I am not one of those people.

I firmly believe that teamwork makes the dream work. How well do you know your potential up-line? Do they truly believe in you or are you just another team member? Does the culture of the company truly give support throughout or is it support just found from your potential up-line?

What kind of support does the company headquarters offer? Do they condone misconduct or sweep it under the rug? Do the company’s ethics and that of your potential teammates align with your’s?

How do they support their reps when they have questions or concerns or if a product has an issue? Let’s be real, everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. Even the large direct sales companies make mistakes but it is how people handle those mistakes that defines their character. What does your potential company’s character say about them?

Choosing a career of direct sales has been so rewarding in my life but it wasn’t always that way. Choosing the right company to be with should not be taken lightly. It is the key to your success and it should be a partnership where both of you benefit, not just the company.

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