My Eye Opening Reasons Why I LOVE School Supply Shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Yes, folks! It’s the start of the new school year!

I absolutely love this time of year but you probably can’t guess why…


Okay, confession time...

I’m Jessi and I’m a shopaholic.

To be honest, next to Christmas shopping, school supply shopping is my favorite time to go shopping for a multitude of reasons.

First off, I have this weird obsession with office supplies. I love Post-It’s and highlighters and notebooks and pens; all the office supplies. I enjoy being organized and office supplies make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love buying them for my kids even more than I love buying them for myself!

Another reason I love school supply shopping is because it reminds me of how lucky my children truly are. My children are so fortunate to live in a country that provides every single child a free, high quality education.

There are countries in the world where children can’t get an education. There are countries where education is so expensive that knowledge is a privilege only available to the wealthy. And, unfortunately there are also countries where my sons could get an education but my daughter couldn’t because she was born female. Yes, this is still an issue in the world in 2019.

Now, some might say that our education system is not free because we have to pay for school supplies for our children. Well, if you took them to school without school supplies, you’re children won’t be turned away. They would have a disadvantage but they would still receive a high quality education for free!

Which brings me to my next reason I love school supply shopping. I am very enthusiastic about education. I’m so enthusiastic about it that it is contagious to my children. My children will never, ever hear me complain about the school supply list.


Why? Because I value their education so much that if I have to purchase 6 glue sticks, 3 dozen pencils and notebook after notebook, then I will. If I was to complain about the school supply list then that translates to my children that I don’t value their education enough to purchase the tools that they need to be successful in the classroom.

Frankly, I don’t care if I have to purchase 100 glue sticks, I happily will if that means that my children know that I support their education and I will provide what ever I need to for them to succeed.

I know that school supplies can get really expensive. I have had years where we scrapped by to get them but I never complained. I have and always will treat the things my children need for school as important as our grocery list and mortgage because their education they receive now is crucial for the rest of their life.

Plus, they’re watching me. My actions and reactions speak louder than anything I could preach to them. My enthusiasm towards preparing them for school sets the bar for THEIR enthusiasm towards their journey in school.

I am not just raising children and going through the motions but I am paving the foundation for them to become life long knowledge seekers and love learning.

Which brings me to my final reason for why I love school supply shopping. Last but most definitely not least, it is a beautiful reminder of how blessed my family is to have some many wonderful people who love and care about my children.

The teachers and support staff play a pivotal role in the lives of my children. Not only do they teach my kids all the things that they need to know when it comes to their education, they also look out for my children’s well being.

The teachers who educate my children and 20 others at a time in a classroom 8 hours a day, 5 days a week the entire school year. Not to mention the hours they spend at home with their families planning lessons and grading papers. They make sure each and every child’s emotional, physical and educational needs are being met and they do this with so much love.

Plus, they put up with my children’s antics day in and day out which, after 3 months of summer break, I know first hand how difficult that is! And they have 5 times the amount of children to look out for!

Angels people. They are angels.

The cafeteria workers waking up before the sun to provide healthy meals to hundreds of children a day including mine.

The janitors who maintain a clean and safe environment for my children.

The school nurses who take care of my children when they are sick or hurt.

The librarians and reading coaches who make provide an incredible gift by giving my children a thousand lives through books.

The counselors who help them process their feelings and give them guidance with all aspects of their lives.

The para-educators, special education teachers and occupational and speech therapists who make sure every child receives the education they need despite the challenges children on IEP’s face.

The school’s campus police officers who put their lives on the line to keep mine and so many other’s children safe every single day.

The secretaries make sure that the school is a warm and welcoming place for every child who comes through the doors and assist where ever they can throughout the building with a smile on their face.

The principals who oversee every single ascent of the entire school to make sure everyone is successful.

To these incredible people, this isn’t just a job but a passion. They are underpaid for all they do, despite having one of the most important jobs in the world. They don’t just educate and keep our children safe, but they are pivotal in shaping them into the adults they will become.

The best part is they all do their jobs with dedication, patience and pure love for our children. They are true saints walking among us. The very least I can do is purchase the tools that they request to make their important roles in my children’s lives easier.

My only suggestion would be that Starbucks gift cards be added to the supply list because the teachers and support staff deserve all the coffee.

So here’s to a new school year! May our children, their teachers and the school support staff have a blessed school year!!

And cheers to us parents! We have officially survived another summer with our children home 24/7 for the last three months! 🥂

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