Why I Left LimeLife by Alcone…

I left LimeLife. 

This was not a decision I took lightly. There were so many things I took into consideration. 

My incredible customers, my amazing teammates, everything I have learn…
LimeLife helped me discover my strengths and how to embrace my weaknesses. It helped me realize I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought possible. 

My chapter at LimeLife by Alcone is a chapter I will cherish forever. But God works in mysterious ways and I know the next chapter is truly God’s beautiful handy work. 

Before LimeLife, I was at a company called Red Aspen. About an hour after I joined, I was added to a community group. There was a woman from Oklahoma who posted, “How can I pray for you today?” I knew in that moment she was my people.

That woman was Cassidy Gilmore. Cassidy is one of my business partners and has become one of my best friends. She lives across the country from me and there was no way we would have met if it wasn’t for Red Aspen. 

In January of 2019, Cassidy left Red Aspen for LimeLife. I didn’t follow her immediately because I needed to decide for myself if LimeLife was right for me. 

I finally jumped May 8th, 2019. While at LimeLife, Cassidy and I grew closer. We talked about business, motherhood, life and God. 

I also met three very important people. Jessica Hunt was our fearless leader at LimeLife. She brought us balance to our personal leadership styles, was the queen of attraction marketing and has a heart of gold. She wanted everyone to win, whether they were her teammates or not.

Kristin Skaggs was the top enroller and the top 
saleswoman globally for three years at LimeLife. She has a pool of knowledge and Jesus in her heart. 

And finally, Lindsay Colombe. Lindsay was my business mentor and was the person who taught me to quit second guessing myself, how to trust my gut and to quit overthinking this whole direct sales industry.


Back in November, Lindsay announced she was going to start her own company. She had always said if she was going to build her own company, it would be pretty great. However, what she built is SPECTACULAR.

For months, Cassidy and I discussed the idea to jump to Lindsay’s company. One day we were going, the next we were staying. We were truly torn because of what we were building at LimeLife was beautiful. It was our baby but we also knew opportunities like Lindsay’s don’t come along everyday.

Then one night, we had a long conversation with our fearless leader, Jessica. Jessica and Cassidy were ready to join Lindsay’s new company but I wasn’t ready to leave LimeLife yet. I knew I needed to decide for myself. 

I stayed three more weeks. I took a step back and really analyzed what I had built and where I saw myself a year from now… five years from now…

I saw the true colors of people and I saw what an incredible opportunity that was in my path. An opportunity to offer products equal in quality but a fraction of the cost. An opportunity to truly help people become financially free through a business designed my a consultant for the consultant.

But most importantly, I reflected on my career journey and realized God put these people in my life for a reason and THIS was the reason.

So, I resigned from LimeLife by Alcone and began a new journey as a founding partner with Pomifera.

Jessica, Cassidy and I decided that Kristin Skaggs would be the best fit for us as a corporate leader. Her pure heart and knowledge was exactly what we needed to be successful. 

Starting February 1st, we will begin a new journey. Being able to be apart of a company from day one is so beautiful in and of itself. 

What’s even better is I am partnered with a company that is designed for people to win. If you’re reading this, maybe God put this particular post in your life for a reason. 

I am looking for founding partners to be on this journey with me. If you’re curious, check out my opportunity group Serendipity Society where you can see this incredible company for yourself without pressure. Opportunities like this don’t happen everyday and maybe this is God’s sign to you that you deserve everything you dream of.

JOIN HERE: Serendipity Society | Pomifera Opportunity 

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