2020: The Year of Bloom

2020 has been a… well, a year…

For many, it has been a year full of challenges and hardships, myself included.

But something I have clung to this year is the belief that when you are going through darkness, you’re growing.

Think of a seed…

A seed is planted in dirt and is surrounded by darkness but keeps going… and going.. and going until it pierces through the dirt and blooms.

Maybe 2020 was the universe’s way of encouraging growth.

Shift your mindset. Instead of focusing on the struggles, find the beauty of what you experienced.

Thanks to schools being closed, I was able to spend more time with my children and watch them learn and discover new things. Something I cherish deeply because I was reminded how fast they are growing.

Thanks to “stay at home” orders, I was able to slow down and be present. Instead of rushing here or there, I was able to be home and work on all the things I put off for too long.

Thanks to out of stock products like toilet paper and quantity caps on items, it taught us to live more frugal. It also reminded me how grateful I am to live in a place that looks out for one another when others are in need.

Thanks to social distancing, it reminded us to cherish every hug, every gathering and every relationship we have.

Thanks to quarantine, we were reminded of what truly matters and to savor the time we get to spend together.

2020 has been a year full of changes and no one has been immune to hardships. Things may have felt out of control but your view on life is what you can ALWAYS control.

Shift your mindset. Live life with gratitude. Struggle forward. You’re just blooming.

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