I left LimeLife. 

This was not a decision I took lightly. There were so many things I took into consideration. 

Network marketing has been apart of my life for 13 years; full-time for the past 6 years and 3 of those in direct sales. Social selling is my career and what I built at LimeLife was like another child to me. It was my baby.

But I truly believe that every opportunity I have had has led me to this one…

While at LimeLife, I had the pleasure of being mentored by a woman named Lindsay Colombe. Lindsay is a self-made millionaire who achieved incredible success in direct sales. She was the first person to hit the very top of the compensation plan at Younique and did it again at LimeLife by Alcone.

Lindsay always said that if she was to ever create her own company, it would be pretty spectacular.

Well, in November 2019, Lindsay announced she was going to start her own company selling the most coveted beauty oil in the world, Pomifera oil. What she, along with co-founder and Pomifera oil creator, Todd Johnson have built is truly SPECTACULAR.

For months, I pondered the idea of joining Lindsay’s company and becoming a founder but I was torn. What I built at LimeLife was my baby but I also knew opportunities like Lindsay’s don’t come along everyday.


The 3 key words to the mission of Lindsay’s company.

The day before I turned in my resignation at LimeLife, I woke up to my ring finger being swollen. I had to go to the Emergency Room and unfortunately, the doctor had to cut my wedding ring off my finger. My blood pressure was through the roof due to stress. The doctor advised me to make some changes in my life.

That was my sign and resigned the next day.

After I left, I unfortunately saw the true colors of people who I thought were friends. There were a lot of horrible things said about me but the words spoken about me screamed volumes about the quality of people I had had in my life.

Besides, I saw what an incredible opportunity that was in my path…

An opportunity to offer products equal in quality but a fraction of the cost. An opportunity to truly help people become financially free through a business designed my a consultant for the consultant.

But most importantly, I reflected on my journey and realized God put people in my life for a reason and THIS was the reason.

Beginning February 1st, we will begin a new journey…

What’s even better is I am partnered with a company that is designed for people to win. A company built by a consultant for consultants. There are no fees and we have true marketing freedom.

If you’re reading this, maybe God put this particular post in your life for a reason…

If you would like more information, visit www.TheSerendipitySociety.com or click here…