Learning to Live Without You

I wrote this poem a couple years ago. As I was contemplating sharing this, I was organizing my office.

While I was shifting boxes, a photo fell out. It was a photo of my late grandmother and her sister who recently passed away. I knew it was my sign to share my words with you all.

I hope they bring you comfort if you’re grieving. If they resonate with you, know I am also praying for you and sending you lots of love and comfort.


Learning to live without you,

Has been really hard.

Memories of you come flooding back,

And sometimes catch me off guard.

Learning to live without you,

Is easier said than done.

It’s a daily endurance test,

Harder than any run.

Learning to live without you,

Isn’t something that can be taught.

You are on my mind often,

Actually you’re there a lot.

Learning to live without you,

I just take it day by day.

Some days there is sunshine,

Others the skies are gray.

Learning to live without you,

In a world where you were always there.

Is a struggle I knew would happen,

But I was never really prepared.

Learning to live without you,

Is something I have to do.

But I miss you all the time,

And I will always love you.

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