I’m asked often what to look for when choosing a network marketing company…

My BIGGEST tip is to choose a company that sells consumable products with high satisfaction rates.

With non-consumable products, like cookware, clothing or decor, people purchase the items they want with no need to repurchase them anytime soon. They may become a repeat customer if they love the company line but the item they previously purchased lasts a long time so they more than likely won’t purchase that same item again anytime soon.

Having a stress free business when selling non-consumable products is tricky because you are having to constantly attract new customers.

With consumable items like health & wellness products or beauty products, people try a product and if they love it, they’ll reorder it on a regular basis. So you are not having to constantly search for new customers but instead create a growing network of loyal customers.

At Pomifera, I have NEVER had the repeat customer base that I do now because my customers are happy with their products they use regularly.

How happy…

92% of my customers are repeat customers… NINTY-TWO PERCENT!!!

And how about new customer growth? On average, I enroll 8 new customers a month with an average sale of $65. That’s $520 in sales monthly from just new customers alone!

With only 13 products, that is AMAZING!

So when in doubt, go with promoting a consumable product that leaves customers satisfied!

Happy Customers + Happy Place = No Stress