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You Are Not a Fraud: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Since December 2020, I have felt like I have been in this dark place with my network marketing business. I felt like the amazing accomplishments I have achieved were not good enough and that I have been letting my family down. Yes, I did not feel that I was good enough, even though I am a Top Enroller, Top Seller and Top Leader!

I even contemplated walking away from the industry all together!

I know in my heart that the things I were thinking were not true but my brain would not stop this negative ideology. See, this feeling was not exactly depression because it only surrounded my business and career path and not other aspects of my life, like my marriage or parenting skills… So, I did what any millennial would do… I turned to Google.

That feeling of crippling anxiety isn’t craziness or just in my head, no pun intended… It is actually called “Imposter Syndrome”.

What does Imposter Syndrome look like?

Imposter syndrome looks different for everyone, but some common symptoms are…

  • Anxiety with every new challenge
  • Comparing our journey to others and feeling unaccomplished
  • Fear of critiques or evaluations of our work
  • Feeling undeserving of our rank or status
  • Questioning if direct sales is even the right fit for us
  • Feeling like you do not know what you are doing or why you are even doing it
  • Feeling like a complete fraud

The bright side of imposter syndrome is that it does not last forever. There are actually several things you can do to help overcome these feelings of worthlessness.

But first, what Imposter type are you?

When experiencing imposter syndrome, it is important to recognize your imposter type…

At times, I’ve experienced all five imposters. Sometimes multiple at the same time.

Knowing your imposter type, or types, will help you with overcoming Imposter Syndrome. It will also help you with discovering when it exactly began. Often times, Imposter Syndrome is triggered from trauma stemming from childhood or an incident surrounding your business, like a slow sales period or after a big sales month. (Hey, holiday season!)

Now you know your imposter type, let’s dive into how to overcome it…

Grace & Love

The first step to overcoming it Imposter Syndrome is to acknowledge your feelings and not sweep them under the rug. It can be a paralyzing feeling when your brain makes you believe you are a fraud or unworthy of the accomplishments you have achieved, but you need to embrace it. Learn who you are in the moment and accept that these feeling will pass. Just give yourself grace and love. You need it right now.

Cultivate Confidence

You need to know that it is 100% okay to not know it all. No one is expecting you to, nor is anyone expecting you to be perfect, do it all or do it alone. Stop judging yourself so harshly. I know, I know… it is easier said than done. I truly get it but you need to hear that.

During this period, think of it as your brain’s way of saying, “Slow down and reconnect with your soul. It is time to realign.”

Accept that you do not know everything, however you have some serious skills and knowledge to offer. Your talents are direct from God and God doesn’t make mistakes. Recognize your limitations but remember that you are a talented person who has gifts to share. Take time to dive into personal development, listen to podcasts or read some books to better your self-confidence.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… No-one is born with confidence. Confidence is something that needs to be developed.

Think of it like a muscle….In order to get stronger, you must work it, right? Confidence is exactly the same. Take this time to rediscover yourself and focus on cultivating your confidence.

Be Humble & Curious

Being in a space that allows you to be vulnerable is not optional, it is essential. You must create an environment that encourages open dialogue. Phone a friend or discuss your feelings with your upline or sideline. No one understands this industry better than those who are on this journey with you. Recognize that what you are experiencing is completely normal, so talk to those you trust about your feelings.

You also need to ask questions and receive the answer with an open heart. Instead of feeling fake like an imposter, be curious like a child. Don’t be afraid to ask them the hard questions but understand that what they are saying to you is not criticism but constructive criticism to help you overcome your emotions to help you achieve your goals.

Mindset Magic

Your mind is a very powerful thing. It has the power to manifest your destiny. If you are in a space of pessimism, understand that you must acknowledge its’ presence but do not let it unpack its’ bags and live in your head. It will win if you allow it to.

A powerful and loving way of gaining power of your mindset is affirmations. During my period of imposter syndrome, I clung to affirmations like they were air.

You can say these aloud, write them down, sing them on repeat, what ever you need to so you can remember them in those moments when those feelings of anxiety take over.

Shifting your mindset can be a daunting task during this time. If you are currently experiencing imposter syndrome, please remember…

You earned everything you have achieved. You worked hard for the blessings you have. You have come so far, so do not stop now. You are valuable. You matter. You are worthy. Stop the noise in your head and turn to your heart. You will overcome this.

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