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The Fortune is in the Follow Ups

If you are in network marketing, you have heard “The fortune is in the follow up,” time and time again. Unfortunately, majority of network marketers do not practice following up with prospects. Actually, 48% of network marketers NEVER follow up.

The reason so many network marketers do not follow up is because of ourselves. We tend to get in our own way and think we are being spammy by simply messaging someone and checking on them.

We lose sight that following up with a prospect isn’t about us but about them! We get so wrapped up in the outcome, that we end up talking ourselves out of even doing it out of fear for ourselves, when following up is not even about us.

Following up is about your potential.

Let me ask you… why are you following up? Are you following up to get a sale or enrollment… or are you following up to see if your potential client’s issue has been resolved?

The fact is, you will never be successful with follow ups until you stop making them about you and start making them about solving your potential’s needs.

The truth about follow ups is that true success is created from them because you are following up with people because you want to help them… not them helping you.


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But following up in a genuine way can be tricky. Especially with the outlook many have on this industry. To make following up easier and genuine, here are my 5 ways to follow up with potentials that will transform you into a helpful consultant versus a spammy robot.

i. Share a Business Offer…

Is your company having any great deals going on? Maybe a new product is launching or maybe you are having a giveaway? Utilize this offer as an excuse to check in on potentials. If your company doesn’t have any offers going on at the moment, do not be afraid to offer something yourself. Just be sure to check with company’s policies and procedures first.

ii. Knowing What They Are Interested In…

Maybe you have a potential that has shown interest in a product or opportunity but hasn’t pulled the trigger on it? Send them a before and after privately saying something like….

“Hey XYZ! Thank you for interacting on my post. I had to show you this… This photo came in from a client and I wanted to share their results with you because you expressed that you struggled with something similar…”

Utilize their interaction on your post AND third party validation!

iii. Ask for Their Opinion…

If election season taught us anything, it is that people LOVE to share their opinions and your potential is no different. People love to share them opinion even more when they are asked. If you are struggling with how to follow up with a potential, ask their opinion on something related to your business.

IV. Piggy Back off Your Post…

One of my favorite ways to follow up with a potential is to utilize my recent content as a reason to follow up. That is why your content should be based around answering questions your network have. For example, if you are in the beauty industry, maybe do a live video on how to prep your skin for the winter. Then message your potential saying something like, “I don’t know if you saw, but I just went live about how to prep your skin for the winter. I know we were chatting about this just last week, so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on all of the great tips I shared!”

V. Follow Up in Multiple Ways…

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to following up is to only following up in one way, like through messenger on social media. Do yourself, your business and your potential a favor and begin to follow up in multiple ways. This will avoid the feeling of being salesy or spammy.

For example, if you primarily follow up through Facebook, start incorporating email follow ups. Or maybe you only have their contact info for social media… mix up HOW you followup with them… instead of following up on Facebook, switch to Instagram or even better…

begin following up with voice messages versus just written text. Voice messages are the most under appreciated tool in our messenger! Voice Messages humanize you and transform you from a profile pic to an actual person.

Following up can be nerve wracking but it gets easier in time.

The biggest key to great follow ups is to focus on making your follow up about solving the needs of your potential, versus closing a sale or partnership. Follow up for them, not for you!

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