When sharing my network marketing journey, I’m often asked what’s the secret to creating a powerful social media presence…

Before I spill my secrets on how to create a powerful social media presence, you must understand that a powerful presence on social media has nothing to do with the amount of likes or followers you have. The number of followers a person has doesn’t mean success and neither does the amount of interaction on a post. Actually, the posts I create about my company’s opportunity or products typically are the ones with the least amount of interaction, but that doesn’t change the fact that people are still watching them, they’re still reading them, people are still ordering from me and are still joining the Serendipity Society with this incredible, ground floor opportunity! 

You don’t need a massive following to find success in this industry, after all social media is not your business. Social media is an advertising channel for your business. What you must focus on with social media is creating quality content to build quality connections.

Now with that perspective in mind, how do you master quality content to build quality connections, that in turn, creates a powerful social media presence? 

Answer… start implementing what I call the Double A Battery.

The Double A Battery to creating a powerful social media presence is all about authenticity and becoming an authority…


I say it over and over and OVER… YOU are the true secret to social selling success, because it is TRUE! See, in this industry, people do not buy products or opportunities… they buy people.

That is why personal development is so crucial. So, by investing in yourself through personal development, it will not only help you create a powerful presence on social media, but it will also help you grow your business. Afterall, there is a reason every millionaire in the world does personal development every day!

Through personal development, you discover your likes, your dislikes, your goals, your strengths, your weaknesses, why you react the way you do in situations, you develop healthy habits, all the things that make you, YOU! 

A business partner of mine told me this and it has always stuck with me, network marketing has very little to do with sales and recruiting and is 100% a personal development journey with a compensation plan attached.  

Some of my favorite ways to incorporate personal development into my daily life are through podcasts, books, journaling and meditation. Taking time to focus on my development as human being helps me be the best wife, the best mom, the best leader and the best business partner I can be. It is the most beautiful form of self-care, too. 

You might not know this but you are actually doing personal development right now by listening to the Inspire Empire!

As you develop yourself in person, your social media will act like a mirror. It will show a reflection of who you are in real life. 

I hear constantly how much people enjoy my content and how real it is because what you see on my social media is what you get with me. I am loud, quirky, soulful and I can be too much for some people, which is 100% okay!

You must understand that by becoming your most authentic self, you will find your people, but when you are truly yourself, not everyone will like you and that’s okay! The goal isn’t for everyone to like you.

the goal is for YOU to like you and in turn, you will attract other people who are like you, that will like you.

As the saying goes, your vibe attracts your tribe. So, stop putting a filter on your soul. Afterall, you are only doing yourself and the world a disservice. 


Becoming an authority online is the second A of the Double A Battery. 

Don’t get it twisted… I am not saying you have to be a know it all in a particular subject area. Nor do you need to be a know it all in your particular niche`. Becoming an authority is simply sharing things you know or have recently learned about.

 For example, maybe you read an article about the importance of incorporating hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine. Take that information and then use it to create a post in your own words or even better, go live or create a video of you talking about it. 

Video is the most powerful tool to utilize on your social media. Whether it is a live video or pre-recorded, video allows people to connect with you as a person. Just like I discussed in last week’s episode about voice messages in messenger, video transforms you from a random person in a picture to a living, breathing human being. 

Help people learn something, then you will become someone they trust. Social selling is a business built on trust.

When you become an authority, you build trust and by building trust, you will build a powerful presence on social media. Then you can turn that powerful presence into a powerful business. 

While you work on creating a powerful social media presence by utilizing the Double A Battery, remember, it takes time. You must be consistent with your social media presence. You cannot expect to find your people from one post or even a month’s worth for that matter. You must be consistent with your authenticity and your authority online. 

I also cannot emphasize this enough… do not focus on the number of followers you have or the number of likes on your posts. After all, the true goal in social selling isn’t about growing your social media but growing your business through quality content to create quality connections.