I have the details on the NEW PRODUCTS from Pomifera’s Falliday 2021!

Day One:

TWO NEW Happy Salve Scents

🍊Orange + Almond 🤎

🌿 Rosemary + Mint 🌱

ANDDDDDDDDDDD… our NEW Glow Up Body and Hand Scrubs available in two new scents…

🌿 Eucalyptus + Mint 🌱

🍋 Lemon + Sugar 🤍

Partners can get them now and becoming a partner is only $69 this month! 🤯


Day Two:

We brought candles on and they’re here for a limited run this Holiday!🕯

Three beautiful, elegant scents are in this offering and the scent throw on them is perfect for your largest room! 😍

If I could describe just how delicious they smell, I would, but you’re just going to have to trust me on this one. 🥰

These are not your average candles…these are body candles! The wax from these candles can also be used on your feet/hands, and it makes for a wonderful moisturizing, winter barrier. 😱

Day Three:

Introducing our CEO’s new FAVORITE body product to date, Silk Body Milk.

No more hand mixing your perfect cocktail of Body Lotion and Body Oil!

It also contain Vitamin E AND hyaluronic acid making it the ultimate hydration product!

This milky blend of our two best sellers leaves your skin softer than a baby’s bottom.

It’s absolutely decadent. 🧴

🤗 All products will be available to the public on November 5th! 🤗