Welcome, I’m Jessi…

I am a millennial mama and wife who inspires people to follow their magic.

I’m a creative specialist for a marketing agency, with over a decade of experience in marketing, graphic design, web development, photography, videography, and social media strategy.

I am also a freelance makeup artist and enjoy creating unusual makeup looks while I share a story of an unsolved mystery or unexplained phenomenon. You can check out my work at Makeup and Mysteries on social media.

When I am not in the office creating marketing campaigns, building websites or editing a TV commercial, or creating a makeup look, you can find me somewhere behind a camera in nature with my husband and our four children.

 I’m glad you found your way here. Pour a cup of coffee & stay a while.

Millennial Mama & Wife

Photography, Makeup Artistry, Hunting, Fishing, Concerts, Astrology, Dolly Parton, Traveling, and random smiles from strangers.

Decaffeinated coffee, mosquitoes, and when people don’t put their carts away in a parking lot.

The Blog

Random ramblings from my restless mind. – 𝓙𝓔

Confessions From a Recovering People Pleaser

“People pleaser “ was what people would describe me as growing up, as if it was a positive thing.

Trauma is an Avalanche

When trauma hits, it’s loud, heavy, cold and before you know it you’re buried alive and in the depths of darkness.